12 thoughts on “Hands.

  1. Chris says:

    Fantastic. Beautiful contrast, composition, and totality. An emotion that IMHO only film can elicit.

    • Thanks Chris. Interestingly, I was having a conversation this morning with a friend who said something similar. To be precise, he remarked that he liked “what film did” for this photo. I knew exactly what he (and you) meant…

  2. jkjod says:

    This is wonderful.

  3. G.A. says:

    Bruno Barbey got surprised when I told him I used film for w&b (… instead of getting a Monochrom jewel)

  4. Romain Girod says:

    Just beautiful, simple !!

  5. pirofobia says:

    This shot is beautiful, it perfectly represents the human nature and the flow of time.

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