5 thoughts on “Sunday.

  1. This is really very nice. I continue to be quite impressed with your compositions in this square format as well as the rendering of this particular MF lens/film combination.

  2. Greg, Jordan… I am really, really enjoying the Minolta Autocord. And my appreciation for the square format has taken me by surprise.

    Due to a lack of light, and winter (although we are starting to warm up here in Toronto), I haven’t had many good opportunities to use the Autocord outside of the home. But this summer I intend to go traveling with it + my M3. I can’t wait to see what I get with it.

    1. I will also add the following:

      Although my Mamiya portraits have immediate visual impact because of the great “eye candy” factor of that 110/2.8 lens shot wide open (admittedly, it’s an amazing look), there’s something more subtle about the Minolta Autocord portraits (which rely more on composition) that I think may somehow withstand the test of time of better.

      And yes, that Rokkor lens continues to please me with its smooth-but-sharp rendering… at least wide open. I haven’t tried stopping it down yet because there hasn’t been enough light.

  3. I scarcely use my Mamiya C-220. It’s bulky and,,, wonderful. Actually a different philosophy. But it allows focusing at about 20 cm.

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