9 thoughts on “Canada.

  1. Going long are we? A 300mm luxury not easily afforded by the M. (…I know visoflex, M240, adapters, etc..but seriously.)
    Nikon’s ED long lenses have always been very, very good. The f4 is more than adequate and much easier to manage, especially with digital ISO speeds.
    Next thing you’ll be going all “crazy” on us with a 70-210/2.8…my head is spinning.

    Nice shots. Looks like a fun outing.

  2. I think this is a fantastic image: great diagonals, texture, colors, and a wee bit of symbolism thrown in for good measure. All in what I’d “classify” as a minimalist image. Next thing you know, you be telling us it wasn’t taken in your own backyard…. 😉

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