4 thoughts on “The Prince of Snow, Revisited.

    1. Peter’s personal satisfaction clouds everything. Impossible to see the future is 😉
      Great natural shoot, indeed! M

  1. Wow, superb. I think this may be one of your best compositions recently and surely the best square one (IMHO). I love all the arrow points (I count 8) aimed a the lower left corner balanced by the (implied) HCB diagonal running up along his arm, through his eye, and on up to the top right. Almost like a two way street. And the smoothness, as you pointed out last post, of the Rokkor lens is quite remarkable.

    It seems the force is strong in this Minolta. Next thing you know it’ll be revealing who Rey’s parents are. Let’s just hope it can henceforth steer clear of the dark side. (I’d say I was sorry about the gratuitous Star Wars references…except who’d believe me) 😉

    1. Greg, yes, I was quite pleased with this composition. Mind you, I’ve only had the camera a total of 48 yrs (when you consider the 4 weeks it has been in transit for repair… twice!) and I’ve only shot two rolls of film with it.

      Thanks for the nice comments and the gratuitous Star Wars references.

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