31 of my Favourites for 2015.


My favourites amongst my images this year, for one reason or another.

Thank you for your continued interest.

(Posted in no particular order.)


































Cameras used:  Leica (M9, M8, M3, 240), Mamiya (7II, RZ67 Pro II), Nikon D810, Sigma DP3M.

Cameras remaining: Nikon D810.

11 thoughts on “31 of my Favourites for 2015.

  1. Thank you for the curated selection of your favorites. 2015 has been another remarkable year …many of my favorites so far made the cut 🙂 Still plenty of daylight left in 2015, even in December in Toronto. Might still have some late entrants for the 2015 favorites…..

  2. Love when you post a “favorites” list. It’s always fun to see which of my personal favorites made the list and also to pick personal favorites out of your posted group. In that regard, as I experience these, there are two images here that are immediately, irresistibly engaging, images that I simply can’t go past without stopping for a longer look: H sideways on the floor (#3) and the film image of the little girl in the fur trimmed hooded sweater (#18). I also particularly love the “magazine cover” where the girls are bussing G’s cheeks…what a look from him!

  3. Well I think you have, without any doubt, proved the point….”it’s not about the camera!” Not that it needed proving but it’s a good reminder.

    What a great year. Great work Peter.

  4. René, Mark, Dave, and Jordan: thanks for the nice comments!

    Andrew, I may have cycled through a lot of cameras, but some were more pleasant to use than others!

    Greg, the fur trimmed hooded sweater one (#18) is definitely an image that stands out for me. I was trying to handhold that giant Mamiya RZ67 and shoot the 110mm wide open at f/2.8 with her in constant motion… it’s a miracle I ended up with anything. But the spontaneity of her movement is part of what makes the shot interesting.

    Dear Karen, thank you for your continued support. It would be interesting for me to know which images you had in mind that didn’t “make the cut”. The choices in my list are influenced by personal (as well as technical) considerations, so I’m always curious what an objective “editor” would choose.

  5. Dear Peter,
    Of course your choices are influenced by personal as well as technical considerations…as they should be. They are also influenced by your excellent judgment.

    Additional images I would nominate for compositional, thematic, color/tone, heartfulness, and/or thought-provoking reasons:

    Northern (Jan 2015)
    Cloudspilling (Jan 2015)
    Cast in a Golden Light (Jan 2015)
    Frames Revisited (Feb 2015)
    To the Heart of the Matter (Feb 2015)
    Boys of Summer, Part 2 (Apr 2015)
    Only Scars (Apr 2015)
    The Stare (May 2015)
    Moment of Zen (May 2015)
    The Violinist (May 2015)
    Pink (June 2015)
    Links and Shades (June 2015)
    A Pivotal Moment (July 2015)
    Reading (July 2015)
    Good with Children (Aug 2015)
    The Beast is Back (Aug 2015)
    Radiata (Sept 2015)
    Birth of the Cool Revisited (Sept 2015)
    Calm (Sept 2015)
    1st Day of School-vertical orientation (Sept 2015)
    Bubbles 3 (Sept 2015)
    Spiritus Mundi (Oct 2015)
    Birth of the Cool, Part 3 (Oct 2015)
    Pure Joy (Oct 2015)
    Blue (Nov 2015)
    Salvation (Nov 2015)
    Police Man (Nov 2015)

    And, of course, any photos in past years that included children in bunny ears. 🙂

    It is easier to add suggestions than to delete….and who would want to delete any anyway? These are simply images (including many in your selection) which I revisited multiple times since their posting. As I mentioned, it is early December so I reserve the right to have additional favorites for 2015.

    The book is going to be pretty thick. Just saying.

    1. P.S. Sorry for the long list. Many great images, as noted.

      Favorite image? Moment of Zen.

      Impeccable timing and great composition capturing a symphony of decisive, ill-timed moments. A classic.

      Best Title? Two way tie between Moment of Zen and Good with Children

      1. Karen! Well you’ve certainly responded with a comprehensive list…

        There are many images on your list that almost made mine, or were on it before being bumped at the last-minute. “Good with Children” and “Moment of Zen” were certainly difficult to reject but so were many of the others you cite.

        Years after the fact with some distance between my images and myself I often have a different view of what constitutes a good image, so I’m probably wrong with many of my current choices.

        Regardless, I am certain of one thing: When I’m eventually near the end of my rope, I’ll only be able to point to a few photographs, that I could count on one hand, as being something remotely close to special.

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