3 photos of my dog, Honey.

Inspiration, Teaching point

A roll of 120 film on the Mamiya RZ67 allows for exactly 10 photographs.

I used 3 of those frames tonight to photograph Honey — just because I love shooting the RZ67, and I hadn’t for a while, so I was itching… because good things happen when I pick up the RZ67.

(and Honey makes for a willing model)

More to follow.

(currently scanning the images… 9 out of 10 are worth keeping)


4 thoughts on “3 photos of my dog, Honey.

    1. Who, Bob Loblaw?

      (That’s an “Arrested Development” reference. For those of you who have never seen the show, try saying the name above out loud and quickly.)

      As for you mewanchuk (if that’s your real name 😉 ), I did say “more to follow”.

  1. I forgot to mention I had the rb67 which I absolutely loved I always promised myself an RZ but never got one went back to hasselblad when the chance came to get a boxed minter 501.

    The weight of those mamiya bad boys was a consideration as I get older. The revolving back though genius or what.

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