Regarding the Leica Q…

Leica Q - Prosophos

The new Leica Q generated these comments today from two very respected bloggers/photographers/reviewers:

“optical rangefinder… it was a good option back in the days before EVFs and AF, but honestly, I’ll take the EVF in the Q any day.”

—Ming Thein

“Colours from the Leica Q are very much in line with the Leica M240/MP240… It’s great to see Leica maintaining continuity within their product lineup…”

—Kristian Dowling

I must say I have to respectfully disagree with both gentlemen.  Though, in all fairness to Kristian, he backs away from the statement above, further along in his review:

“The Q has a tendency to render skin tones a little on the orange side, just like the M…I guess once Leica decided to go with the M’s colour signature, they thought it was best to stick with it, but I’d like to see this improved in future generations of M and Q cameras.”

—Kristian Dowling

There you have it.

As an aside, I do like the Q, though I’m planning on sticking with my M9P/Monochrom (for many reasons).


10 thoughts on “Regarding the Leica Q…

  1. Linden says:

    I’m looking forward to handling one of these. From what I’ve read it seems to combine a lot of what I like – fully controllable by dials – aperture, focus (even zone focusing), shutter speed, etc, without having to look at the ‘computer’ at the back. 28mm choice is pretty cool too. Full frame, integrated EVF, touch screen focus, wifi, macro, all good too for certain purposes. The camera looks good, it looks properly made, and the price – in Leicaland – seems reasonable.

    It wouldn’t, for me, replace the rangefinder experience – specifically the optical viewfinder, which I see as essential for that type of photography, but it might earn a place as a camera to use when one of those aforementioned features makes sense.

    I agree Leica CMOS skin tones are still an issue I really wish they’d fix.

  2. Here’s my take:

    Leica M system: CCD

    Leica Q system (when it happens): CMOS

    I suggested that to Leica. At least I can do that much.

    The Q system could really take off. That lens with its focus mode switch: brilliant and elegant. Find me an AF lens that can be switched to MF so elegantly, as well as actually working like a proper MF lens, with a hard stop and everything. Leica might not be the first to the party, but they’re always the best dressed. Well, almost always. The X cameras were well dressed but not quite with it…

    The Q is not for me, but damn, it’s pretty much the camera of the year, unless something amazing happens in the next six months.

    • The Q is definitely a “photographer’s camera”.

      The new Sony A7R looks to have everything “cutting edge” thrown into it, but I suspect it will still function more like a computer vs. a camera. I would love to be proven wrong.

  3. jkjod says:

    As long as they sell enough to keep making a true M camera (i.e. with a true mechanical rangefinder, not a hybrid-fuji-esque optical finder) I’ll be thrilled. Looks like a fantastic camera, just not for me. I still like, and want, and enjoy the rangefinder experience.

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