13 thoughts on “Us.

  1. Wonderful! This is what I did miss on this familiy-blog all the years: a photo of you two together ..the children are the fruits, you are the tree! Not Us-but a good-lookin´canadian showpiece-couple, ha ha.
    Peter, do you spend a lot of time in the gym? I see a huge biceps 🙂

    Best wishes!

  2. Very sweet and a great gift to your children. Now, a present for the two of you….put the camera in your children’s hands and let them make some photos of you. It might be a sweet valentine’s day to see how they “see” the two of you, too. And, if it becomes a tradition along with taking “ourselfles” ? You will treasure the history. Thank you for sharing the photo with the fan club.

  3. LOL, thank you for all of the kind comments.

    Honestly, I’ve been holding on to this image for a few months because I consider it a “grab” shot. Back in the late fall, I was putting together a family photo book for 2012 (I’m always a few years behind) and realized I barely “existed” in 2012. So, I took this image of me and my wife so that I’d have at least one image of the both of us for a future (2014) album.

    Fact: She was really sick with the flu, and was lying in bed moments before this image was taken. You wouldn’t know it by her smile.

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