15 thoughts on “Autumn.

  1. This is so beautifully natural, Peter. You’ve really nailed your skin tines (well, that for the longest time now), but you so often succeed in capturing that special moment in a glance or expression. Out of curiosity, are your exposures made slowly, relying on anticipation and seein outside the frame lines or do you ever fire two or three in succession around anticipated moments. I’ve a friend who does the latter and swears that he benefits from that approach. Somehow, I suspect you rely on the former.. Thanks for another lovely portrait.

  2. Crikey, Peter. Absolutely QUALITY portrait. Sorry for my bluntness but this one’s a corker. I much prefer mono for portraits but sheeeez, the colours here. Great stuff indeed! R.

      1. Well, Sir… excellent choice, if I may say so! Of course, nothing wrong with posting a BW version one day? 😉 Would be interesting to see the difference. R.

          1. I’d look forward to seeing it, Peter. I think it’s often interesting to see how a portrait can take on a different ‘persona’ (pardon the unintentional pun) when processed for colour and black and white. I shall keep an eye out, Peter. Thanks! R.

  3. Peter, again wonderful colours..the beautiful blurry background of mother nature´s colours of light-flooded golden autumn leaves and the contrast to the purple hat are gorgeous! When I look at this image, i asked myself : a MF?…. squaring the circle! Congrats! makes me want a M8!

      1. I know they are siblings and each one of them has its advantages as I can see on your 50:50 🙂 …on my Turkey vacation over and over again the 1/4000 was blinking ( don´t wanted to use a ND-Filter) and I would love to have a 1/8000…

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