11 thoughts on “The Beautiful Game in motion.

  1. Fantastic Peter,
    just like in the fifties shooting a boxing match at ringside with a Rolleiflex.
    I always stare at your medium format shots.

  2. GRAND! Peter, you burst all limits! The M 67 is a studio MF SLR, designed to stand on a tripod and you run on the field with it….gooooaallll!!! 🙂

  3. Thank you Umberto (I knew exactly what you meant – your English is just fine!), Bijan, and Andreas.

    Andreas, the shutter delay on the RZ67 makes it less than ideal as a sports camera, but I must say it’s pretty good in every other way.

  4. Peter, how do you manage film…by that I mean, do you have it processed, then scan yourself? With negatives, I think that’s challenging, but maybe there is an easer way. Thanks.

      1. Thanks. I’m wrestling with this myself. “The Darkroom” will develop & process for about $20/roll at the highest resolution. I think it’s a great service they provide, but I find it a bit expensive. I love developing my own B&W, but have not been happy with the dust I get on the scans. I live SE of Denver, CO and we have a lot of dust here to begin with.

        Anyway, great photo. I have a 6 year old daughter and I’m always looking for a better way.


        1. It would be nice if more people re-embraced film and it ceased to be a niche pursuit. Economies of scale and competition would return and convenience and low prices would become a reality.

          Nice to dream, isn’t it?… but we will have lost something special if film disappears.

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