7 thoughts on “Everybody has a story.

  1. A firm eye…a stiff breeze..he is the captain on board and ready to put out to sea ( of his life)! I hope for him, he knows that HAND..that even holds and protects him!

  2. This is a lovely portrait, more than just his dreams evident in it.

    My friend Julie is just about to have her first novel published. Truly a dream come true for her and at the end of quite a long strange journey. She began writing it, as far as I know, perhaps fifteen years ago. She followed the traditional practice of circulating it to a number of literary agents, had it rejected by most and was encouraged to rewrite it by others, which she did. Finally it was accepted by one and eventually she signed a publishing deal. Before the ink was dry on it, she was 80,000 words into her third book, having finished number two during the process of looking for a publisher for the first one.

    Thanks, Peter.

  3. Yet again, Peter, such insightful and engaging portraiture. A beautiful image demonstrating your profound talent. One day, Coelho may want your own work for a book-cover? Two masters in one post… Superb!

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