5 thoughts on “Mrs. Dracula.

  1. What a sceneries:
    She seems to be bitten ..when you look in her face ..a little morbid..an idle glance ( Lady, sorry for the judgement, just an impression of this moment…)..the half-hidden face has something spooky…the other passengers suspect nothing….the highlight is the beam in her face..all the others are more or less in the darkness…the streetcar looks like a prison…

    Peter, a gorgeous shot!

  2. Personally, I think she’s the spirit of Mary Shelley.

    (It’s always a guess whether to give some clues about these left field comments of mine. But in this case: Mary Shelley was wife of Percy Bysshe Shelley and wrote Frankenstein. “Dracula” as a character was invented by a guy named John Polidori in 1816 during a summer spent with the Shelley’s. Bram Stoker’s version on which most modern versions/movies are based was published about four generations later in 1897.)

    Very cool image, BTW.

  3. By the way Andreas and Greg, this woman flashed a big smile as the streetcar moved passed me, just after this image was taken. I was already putting my camera down, and missed photographing it. I guess I ended up with the “illusion of my choice”, so to speak.

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