The Beautiful Game – Shift Change.

Mirroring, parallelism, and synchronicity.

And, beautiful light.


The Beautiful Game - The Shift Change

4 thoughts on “The Beautiful Game – Shift Change.

  1. andygemmell says:

    Really nice family scene…going about life. And a bit of change in orientation for you as well Peter. Very rare to see your camera used this way…well I think it is from memory??!!

    Oh…and that light is special :-)…

  2. satybhat says:

    Beautiful composition. serendipity ? perhaps not. And beautiful nevertheless. Noted that you have stopped putting gear details. Best, Saty

    • Thank you Saty.

      Yes indeed I have discontinued displaying the details about equipment next to the image (although you may still access images by gear, by viewing the Categories menu at the bottom of the page).

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