Concentration and Celebration.

Concentration and Celebration 1

Concentration and Celebration 2

4 thoughts on “Concentration and Celebration.

  1. Dalal says:


    I just love the way you capture your wonderful family. They are all so magical as you mange to capture family pictures that convey warmth and just all around normalcy. Whenever I try to take pictures of my family everybody tenses up including yours truly 🙂
    In the end, gear doesn’t matter just as long as the picture exists.

    God Bless,


    • Thank you Dalal. I’ve been very careful over the years to (mostly) not impose on or direct them while I’m photographing. That, coupled to the fact that I often have my camera with me, has resulted in them ignoring my photographic attempts.

      Thank you again for your words, and God bless you too.


  2. Luiz Paulo says:

    Hi Peter. I’m probably wrong and it’s just my opinion… All your pictures are lovely (that’s why I’m always here to see them) 🙂 However I feel the ones you’ve taken with 35mm format are more spontaneous, more daily life like these above which are very nice — and honestly I prefer this kind of “moments”… Don’t know if it’s just a coincidence but would you think maybe the gear has some part on it?

    • You are absolutely correct. The gear for sure has an effect, and the 35mm format lends itself to more spontaneous photography vs. medium format. Digital even more so than film (that’s part of the “convenience” of digital).

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