The beautiful game portrait.

The beautiful game portrait

6 thoughts on “The beautiful game portrait.

  1. Antonio Russell says:


  2. John Richards says:

    You’re portraits have so much emotion. You have inspired me to begin shooting film again (along with digital). Thanks Peter.

  3. John Gould says:

    It is not the film it is the filmer and the filmee. Digital simply renders differently. You are being far too modest. This would have been just as good with a Monochrom or an M9, merely different.

    An aside: When you get it right with film it requires, in fact needs, much less in post after scanning. It is quite easy to kill the subtlety of film with digital post processing.

    Also I suspect you are enjoying the whole “process” of using film just as many film users do….

    Kind regards


    PS: John R well observed, your post provoked my thoughts and hence my post…Thank you!

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