9 thoughts on “Dream.

  1. John Gould says:

    Stylized and very busy Bokeh (the 40mm of course). This lovely bubbly bokeh contributes to the overall picture, but does it distract? You are very lucky that your kids will ignore you. Lovely. Don’t kids just have wonderful facial expressions.

    An aside: (oh no not another one of Goulds asides) When using the M3 what do you use for metering? I found an app for the Iphone that is quite good (I’m still getting bused to it) but I rather like using the Weston and a smidgeon of experience. I also greatly enjoy using a Pentax Digital Spotmeter set up for the Zone system.

    • Thanks John.

      Ahhh, the Voigtlander bokeh. It can be much smoother than this (see my past posts, my review [The Voigtlander 40 Nokton], and my future posts!)… it all depends on the context.

      I suppose, even in its most noticeable form, I have simply taken a liking to it. And, on the whole, the lens is just so useful and inspiring to me.

      As for your line: “You are very lucky that your kids will ignore you.”… that’s funny 😉

      Lastly, to answer your question regarding my light metering, I use the “Light Meter” app on my iPhone.

  2. John Gould says:

    I forgot to add: The tonality is of course lovely, digital is just not the same. Long Live film…

  3. bijansabet says:

    Peter: An instant classic. Love it. Do you use a ND filter with your film work and your fast glass?

    John: I’ve been enjoying the Lumu . I have no affiliation with the company except being a happy customer.

    • Thanks Bijan. I use(d) ND filters with my digital M rangefinders, but not with the film ones…I keep things as simple as possible when I’m shooting film.

    • John Gould says:

      Bijan, I sorry to sound ignorant but I do not understand. 1) What does Lumu mean 2) What company? Am I being thick? Quite possible knowing me. Can you Illuminate? Am I misreading this or are you confusing me with someone else?

      Kind regards


      Peter, I also have the 40mm Voigtlander. I love it in moody light, and yes the bokeh can be much smoother. My comment was meant to provoke a little discussion. The bokeh in this pic is very nice (well, I like it) but some might opine that it draws the viewers eye away from the main subjects, drawing the eye to the bokeh itself….

      • bijansabet says:


        The Lumu is a light meter device (and app) that is made for the iPhone and a few select Android model.

        Here’s a link to their website.



        • John Gould says:


          Thanks for that. looks interesting. I always (so far) work on reflected light. This needs some thought on my part….

          you are illuminating with incident light…

          Kind regards


  4. What a difference, compared to the Df images. Pow! That texture and that bokeh from that lens, what a combination.

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