Hockey Girl.

It’s February 9th, 2014.

That’s today.

My wife and I are rushing to get Hockey Girl ready for her early game, and we’re running late.

I notice it’s snowing outside and the light looks magical.

I turn to my wife, and she immediately understands.

She says, “5 minutes”.

I run upstairs to grab the Mamiya, which is already loaded with Kodak Tri-X 400.

Hockey Girl and I go outside, and I shoot a few frames.

This is one of them.

As it turns out…

Hockey Girl goes on to score her first ice hockey goal, ever.

Hockey Girl

↑Mamiya RZ67, Mamiya 110mm @ f/2.8, and Kodak Tri-X 400.

13 thoughts on “Hockey Girl.

  1. mewanchuk says:

    Peter, (and the hockey girl…)

    Congratulations! Beautiful shot indeed.

    I can even make out your reflection taking the shot…

    Well worth the extra five minutes!


  2. Kevin says:

    Congrats! I remember my boys’ first hockey goals. Every time they score, it’s like the first (maybe because they’re only 6 and 9)! A lot of fun. Great portrait, thanks for sharing!

  3. bijansabet says:

    Congrats to the hockey girl!

    And to the proud papa!


  4. Thanks Mark, Kevin, and Bijan. I know all three of you have daughters, and so you know the feeling.

    On another note, the Mamiya RZ67 with 110mm lens (and Kodak Tri-X) is a combination that continues to amaze me.


  5. greg g49 says:

    Congrats to H. I think you never really forget that first tally although over the years mine morphed from a goalmouth melee that deflected off my skate as the defenseman was knocking me on my keister and handcuffed the keeper, to a top shelf wrister from a bad angle… 🙂

    You realize, however, that given the superstitious proclivities of all hockey players you will now have to take a picture of her with that camera before each game…

  6. Andy Gemmell says:

    Awesome……that being the first goal in hockey for your daughter. I love watching my daughters participate and compete in sport.

    Now, to the photography side of things…….I know you LOVVVE your M9 and 50 lux (hard not to)….however this image made my eyes widen, my mouth smile and I immediately thought……WoW….

    I know you are shooting at 2.8 with this 110m, though if I can obtain the resolution and rendering with the Mamiya 7 lenses at f4 I’ll be very happy in deed. Actually you’ve got me thinking about what the RZ and those lenses can produce!? I might have to email Bellamy from and change the focus (boom boom ;-)) of my search! Though not sure it will be ideally suited to how I’m intending to use a MF camera….

    Keep them up Peter! No pressure….

    • Thank you Andrew.

      The Mamiya RZ67 is a a beast, with respect to size and weight.

      The Mamiya 7, being a rangefinder, is more in line with your Leica Monochrom experience.

      However, yes, the RZ67 + 110mm/2.8 lens set-up is phenomenal. Better — by leaps and bounds — than anything else I’ve previously used for portraiture.

      I had a few people question why I didn’t choose another MF camera system when I first announced my acquisition of this Mamiya. Well, I hope the answer is now becoming more obvious…

  7. Mike says:

    “There’s no replacement for displacement” as they say. Large negs > Smaller sensors or negatives.
    Nice shot!

  8. jason howe says:

    A really beautiful shot, I’m still laughing at Greg’s comment.

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