Test Shot 2 – Mamiya RZ67.

Film, Fujifilm FP-3000B, Inspiration, Mamiya RZ 110mm F/2.8, Mamiya RZ67 Professional Pro II, Portrait

This result is certainly better than what I obtained on my first attempt.

Incidentally, this image illustrates the close-up focusing ability of the Mamiya RZ67 (courtesy of its bellows focusing).

Unfortunately, with the 110mm lens (equivalent to roughly 55mm in 35mm format), photographing this closely introduces some undesirable distortion.


Test Shot 2

↑Mamiya RZ67, Mamiya 110mm @ f/2.8, and Fuji FB-3000.

9 thoughts on “Test Shot 2 – Mamiya RZ67.

  1. Hey Peter: When I shot with the 110mm lens for head shots, I always used this lens in conjunction with the RZ 1.4 teleconverter. In-effect, this would yield a 160mm F4 (because you loose a stop), with no loss of quality and more important, less distortion with the 160mm effective focal length. I’m sure you can find one on eBay.

    1. Cool, Chris! Thank you. I had no idea. The only problem for me is that after having had the pleasure of shooting f/1.4 lenses in 35mm format, the f/2.8 of the Mamiya 110 already seems kind of limiting, so I’m not too keen about shooting at f/4. Besides, I have a Mamiya 180mm (which also is approx a stop less).

  2. Even at F4, the DOF is very shallow with the 160 or 180 although I can’t compare to the Leica. My issue was always mirror-slap with that huge camera. I almost always shot with the mirror up if using a shutter below 125th and at F4, you’d be shooting blind when close focused.

    1. Yes, at f/4 the DOF would still be quite shallow… it’s the lack of light necessitating the slower shutter speeds (and motion blur) that concerns me. I haven’t experimented with the mirror up… and I haven’t given up on hand-held shooting!

  3. That is a solution, which would also ease the terror on a subject’s face because that huge camera is not so close to their head :)) We’re all aware of how unassuming the Leica is because of it’s small size. The RZ is like a Canikon on steroids!

    1. Thanks Mark! This shot demonstrated to me how sharp AND smooth the 110 lens renders. It also demonstrated that my first shot was not as a result of a defective camera, just a defective photographer.

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