4 thoughts on “Shadow-Light Doppelgangers.

  1. Wonderful image. Doppelgängers….check. Doppelengels (I took a stab at creating this word)….check. Composition…..spot on and enchanting. Sir, I would argue that you have all the light you need in Toronto. It may not be all you want…sorry about that part….springtime will come….but your ability to find and capture “starry/starbucksy/heavenly” light in dark circumstances stuns and delights. I love this image and will be “imagining” it for a long time. The mundane “pedestrian walking guy light” many of us never even look at is now animated into a guy heading to a girl as well as being reflected in his walking ghost on the ground. Thank you for the reminder to look up and down and down and up. And across. And beyond. Yabba dabba foo.

    1. Thank you Karen. I love “Doppelengels”, or perhaps “Doppelangels”… gives me another direction to pursue.

      The light here was indeed very weak, and it was the coldest day of the year so far — by far. Yes, something compelled me to go out and photograph.

      Thanks again for your generous comments.

  2. In German, literally “double goers”; perfect here.

    I was reading an entry on David Hobby’s site declaring a “new” philosophy of “low frequency, high amplitude” going forward. Perhaps that will be you in the dimmer recesses of the northern latitude winter, but like Karen above, I sure hope you keep on keeping on throughout.

    1. Thanks Greg. I just came back from walking the dog and — the way I see it — the dimmer (and colder) recesses of the northern latitude will leave plenty of dimmer recesses on this website.

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