16 thoughts on “Slice of Life.

  1. Hi Peter, is the 35 pre-ASPH a new purchase or is this a photo from the past? I’m shooting with a pre-ASPH version and finally figuring out how to get around its limitations and quarks but really enjoying its character on my M-E.

  2. A really nice moment Peter. Having it set in the supermarket excited about some sort of food (is it chicken nuggets or pizza :-)) that children love gives it a nice unique feel to it. This is the type of image we don’t normally see to often (if at all for me).

    1. Ahh….it is ….I see. Well you are well qualified to spot that :-)! I think it was the freezer section which threw me…..

    1. I *used* to use Vuescan and the Epson V700 (which did pretty well in this shot). In more recent times, I’ve used a Plustek 7600. Now, I’m no longer shooting film.

  3. Great photo! Film is terrific…why not throw a roll of Portra or Provia into the MP every so often? I’ve lusted over digital Leicas but for now I’m sticking to my film Ms….I get a new sensor with each roll and hardly do anything at the computer. I rented the M9 a few years ago and although I enjoyed it, it was the film photos that made me smile the most, maybe because I’m more critical when on click the shutter since every frame costs. Can’t disregard the convenience of digital though.

    As always, thank you for providing such an exquisite site.

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