27 thoughts on “Big Game Hunting.

    1. Thanks Andrew… the framing was first and foremost in my mind when I took this shot. I just needed the right person to come along, and fortunately it all worked out.

  1. Nice. I like the tones and rendering in the upper right side of the image. I have the Cron ASPH too but use it with film (M6). Would be interested to see more of your images using this lens in future….

      1. Not bad for a first image! Would have been nice to see the results with the man in focus and the elephant OOF….

  2. Dear Peter,

    I see that you took a little time for you to get out of your “comfort zone” …
    A very candid photograph, very precise and elegant as always!
    A photograph that always tells a story … and exudes a powerful message!

    I think your black and white very successful, but it is not a surprise!

    Finally what do you think of the new M?

    And I mean the files produced by this one … LOL!

    About me, I also love her dress!

    Warm regards.


    1. Thank you Hugues, but this is not out of my “comfort zone”. I would love to shoot like this all day long, but it is out of my “time zone” with my responsibilities to family and work getting most of my attention.

      As for the new M… I like it as a B&W camera, and absolutely want to smash it on the ground as a colour camera.

      1. Peter,

        I’m curious about this comment. If you are strictly viewing the colour photos on a monitor, how can you truly assess whether the colours are or are not to your liking? Or maybe you have printed them??

        1. This is a valid comment. Although, most of us follow Peter’s work because of the way we respond to his images on a monitor having a special quality. I am not a purist, but regardless of how well a camera’s files look as print, I do most of my M9 Vs M240 comparisons on monitor and a Print Vs Print comparison would still not convince me that there is a better Digital full-frame color Camera than the M9.

  3. Ooooh, Peter!

    A small example of the misunderstanding on my way to express myself via “google translation” ….
    I know all that (much of your time is taken to take care and enjoy your beautiful family … and all this time you spend to organize your wonderful website!) …
    I told you at the beginning of my previous post, it did me good to see you shoot out of your habits (“time zone” in this case), and I was happy for you that you got a little time for it ….
    I know you are extremely able in all photographic situations … and besides, I’d be glad to rediscover more of your future getaways ….



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