8 thoughts on “Introducing O, Part 5 (Conclusion).

  1. The whole series is lovely. Wonderful of you to preserve such early and beautiful memories and of Mom and Dad to allow them to be shared with all of us here.

    This may, all things considered, be the best one, but the first remains my favorite for the quality and tone of the light through the stained glass and how rapt O is with the light, the window, or maybe the sound of the rain outside. As always, I’m most attracted to the most poetic, or perhaps I should just say most open ended one.

    Congratulations to all.

    1. Thanks Greg. Poetic images suit me too.

      These ones are all different from each other, and I’m too close to the moment they were taken, to really pick a favourite.

      In revealing them, one-by-one, I was trying to tell a story. Poor Alex was seeing each one for the very first time as I was posting them…

  2. Oh Peter! I’m speechless! Thank you so much for this last shot which in my opinion is a pure perfection! What a capture! O, J and I will cherish this moments forever.

    1. Hi Alex – I am so glad you like them. I wish we could have had more time (and that the weather was more cooperative!), but I’m pleased with how they came out.

  3. The whole series is excellent Peter but this is THE one IMHO.

    Congratulations Alex. Twenty years from now you will be look back at these and remember two things: the birth of O and how lucky you were that Peter was there to capture the memory for you!

    All the best.

    1. Thank you so much Jason. In truth, I was the lucky one because both Alex and her husband raced over to my place on an early Sunday morning, after I let them know the light was interesting and that it would be present for only a brief period.

      They did everything to accommodate what I wanted for each shot, and once I had the “raw” material, I was free to post-process the images as I saw fit.

      I wish all my clients were like them.


    2. Thank you Jason! We truly are so lucky to have Peter in our lives! To witness his talent and be so lucky to have Peter create such beautiful memories!

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