12 thoughts on “Love.

  1. Genius. Love it! Instantly one of my favorites. Beautiful colors, and a unique perspective on a “mundane” subject. The end result is simply sublime. This should be a print somewhere!


  2. Absolutely agree with Mark. Very effective Peter.

    Speaking of prints I’m now the proud owner of one of yours Peter! Purchased today whilst at Stephen Bartels Gallery in London. A3 of “Freedom” or at least I think that is the title. It was an older post of yours, at least in relative terms for me.

    Was great to see your images in a larger format.

      1. The gentleman from Canada has no idea what you’re talking about.

        …I actually don’t like any of your pictures.

        Except maybe this one. A little. But that’s it.

          1. …Well played, Sir.


            Anyway, apparently “anonymous” does not mean the same thing in Britain as it does in our fair land…

            The pleasure is mine.


              1. Very funny. Stephen mentioned some guy west of the prairies in Canada purchased one…..he couldn’t believe they had art appreciation in those parts. He was impressed ;-)…..

                Looking forward to having it framed!

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