4 thoughts on “Laugh again.

  1. I am often surprised at what images generate few or no comments.

    This one is just an absolutely masterful composition with the eye roving from the lights (for me from her face which while not in focus is nearest) to the darks of her hair and along whatever forms the dark background which not only “grounds” her face but wraps around his chin and up the line of his jaw to hat and thus back to her, all the while enjoying the repeating diagonals of her dress’s neckline and his little arm, the tones, and decision to make him the point of not only her focus, but the camera’s as well. I would, since I’m drawn to her expression, have (wrongly) focused on her. Your choice does not lose her expression but sort of joins in it. Amazing, really.

    Still, while the expressions of mother and son are wonderful, I am in awe of your ability with such a narrow depth of field demanding precise focus to also frame with such precision. Surely others must see this, as my eye is at best only average among the wonderful photographers that follow your site. Maybe they just take this level of craft for granted because they, too, can intuitively do it. Surely it must be intuition honed by constant practice since there cannot be time enough to “think” it through, only to recognize that “moment” when it’s seen. To me it is a wonder beyond my abilities, but I can (sometimes anyway) see it when you do it, as here.

    1. Hello Greg… that’s awfully kind of you sir.

      I don’t expect comments all the time, and I think there is a certain amount of viewer and comment “fatigue” that sets in, when there’s a new post each day.

      I’m considering slowing down on my posts anyway… so that might relieve the above issue, as well as relieve me of having to come up with something interesting each day.

      As for your observations regarding the above image – you are absolutely correct. You are correct about what makes it visually pleasing, and you are correct that I see and react to such compositions instinctively when I’m photographing. I’m at a point where I know what will work and what will not work before a click the shutter. At least, for the 50mm focal length. For the 24mm focal length, I have to take 10 images before I get one I like. But I’m learning… and you’re right about that too – it’s a skill that is honed through constant practice.

      Thank you Greg, for your thoughtfulness, kindness, and generosity.


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