Ghost Train – Night Train.

Ghost Train - Night Train

↑Leica M9 and Leica 24mm Summilux @ f/1.4.

7 thoughts on “Ghost Train – Night Train.

  1. Nice shot. Did you actually shoot at f 1.4. I tried this lens at Leica Store in Miami and thought it was amazing. I also shot some photos with the 21 mm Summilux.

  2. Salim says:

    Lovely, no way its on 1.4. Otherwise the front of the train would have been too blurry. Unless this photo has been cropped?!!

  3. andygemmell says:

    great photo Peter…really like the composition.

  4. Prosophos says:

    Thank you Andrew.

    To answer the questions above:

    1. Yes, shot at f/1.4.
    2. Not cropped.

  5. mewanchuk says:


    It is super “ghost-train-y” and…also very “night-train-y”.

    I like it!


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