5 thoughts on “Vintage G.

  1. Looks like a nice moment to catch Peter! I like it.

    On another note this image a good example of where my thoughts on the Noct come into play. Not sure if you can see it, though the rendering of the bokeh at the bottom half (same level as person on the ground in back ground) wraps around in a circular shape, down the left and up around to the right in the grass. But that is just me!

    Sorry Peter, don’t mean to take away from this moment.

    1. Not at all Andrew, thank you for taking the time. Interestingly, it’s this quality I find interesting (and it is certainly more tame as compared to, say, the f/1 version of this lens), so it’s really a matter of personal taste. Having said all that, for me, the 0.95 is interesting for up close portraits, as opposed to this sort of scene… but I still appreciate the dream-like rendering here.

  2. The amazing thing about shooting kids is that they are completely in the moment and utterly unaffected. So when you capture one of those moments it is something you could show aliens when they ask what we are about. You look at this and think, I’d like to be that into tossing my cap in the air just one more time. Maybe your team wins the championship and you throw you hat in the air and are happy. But it isn’t quite the same as this.

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