3 thoughts on “Soccer trio.

  1. That is lovely and the way you develop it by yourself is beyond me. I did follow your “recipe” for black and white but guess got too much grain or something else went wrong…I am just starting with film (again).

    1. Thank you!

      Try keeping the temperature of the solutions a little on the cooler side, and agitating more gently, to help reduce the grain.


  2. I missed “the recipe”?! I do like the way your Tri-X looks. Some of my favorite images are from a family vacation shooting with M3, 50mm Summicron DR, 35mm Summicron, and 90mm Tele-Elmarit and only Tri-X. That M3 was the pinnacle of Leica M cameras, and I dearly wish Leica could see their way clear to duplicating its rangefinder/viewfinder in modern M cameras. You certainly seem to have gotten the hang of M + film. Please keep ’em comin’ .

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