7 thoughts on “My M3.

  1. Haha, I’ll hold my hand up to doing this, guilty. As far as a logical explanation, I don’t have one 🙂

    50 Cron Rigid is a lovely lens, enjoy.

    Cheers, Jason

    1. I keep shaking my head when I see other people doing it, but I’ve done this now more than a few times. By the way, the best answer I’ve encountered, so far, as to “Why?” is: it’s male jewelry.

    1. I use the “Light Meter” app on my iPhone… I’d forgotten you’d asked me that – sorry! I have referred to it in some of my film posts, and I really like using it because it gives me a better understanding of how the overall scene will look.

  2. I keep telling myself I really don’t need the M3. I wouldn’t even know about the M3 until I began shooting with Leica glass in the last year or so. But now I have a desire to consider the idea. I would really like to have a 1955 M3 model as that was the year I was born. Is that such a bad idea?

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