11 images in 50 min, Part 11.

Part 11 (the final installment) of my 11 images in 50 minutes series.

12:38 pm (Time = 50 min).

11 images in 50 min - 11

↑Leica Monochrom and Leica 90mm Summicron APO @ f/2.

7 thoughts on “11 images in 50 min, Part 11.

  1. gagemanning says:

    and then they were gone…

  2. dr hadi says:

    Tombstone in memory of His highness Leica monochrome & Her majesty 90mm summicron APO buried together sleeping peacefully in a coffin after lying down their lives fiercely battling the project 50/11…Amen ! long live Leica M9 🙂 loved all the 11 images peter …particularly this one with a very different angle .

  3. P.I says:

    Images are good but I find myself with Leica pics to praise the camera and lenses not the photographer, the camera and lenses are so good they almost do all the work. I use Leica gear a lot and have the same problem the images also are starting to have a sameness about them. I looked recently at some well known photographers no information about which cameras they were using, the images were stunning and all the praise went to the photographer. One of these was a 80 year old and to my surprise was using a zoom lens some probably know who I am referring to. I revisited my own Leica images and again praised the camera and lens, then looked at my earlier non Leica shots ones I had to do the work and it satisfied me more. I think with a one system site images will although good will start to not satisfy, tough observation I know but a blog can’t just have praises.

    • Prosophos says:

      Thanks P.I,

      My personal measure of success is to generate at least one photo I’m proud of, in any given year. The rest of the time, I’m happy if I end up with one decent photo per outing. “11 images in 50 minutes” was an exercise I gave myself while out on a walk, using new equipment.

      My daily posts are also an ongoing exercise that I took on a few years ago. I don’t mind if people don’t dote over each image each and every day, but I do try to post images that I believe contain some redeeming feature, or at least, an educational issue worth discussing.

      Either way, I don’t mind criticism, and I allow it on this, my personal blog, if it’s delivered in a thoughtful and constructive way… like your comments above. Simple nastiness is moderated away, and completely ignored.


      • Prosophos says:

        Oh, and I should respond to your point about a “one system site”, Leica gear, etc… The gear is important mostly insofar as how it “meshes” with your way of photographing. That’s why I’m into rangefinder photography. I will agree with you though that the technical superiority of Leica lenses appeals to many and can often (but not always) be readily seen in images, but I’m sure we’ve all seen bad photographs taken with $20,000 gear. Including on this site.


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