11 images in 50 min, Part 5.

Part 5 of my 11 images in 50 minutes series.

12:12 pm (Time = 24 min).

11 images in 50 min - 5

↑Leica Monochrom and Leica 90mm Summicron APO @ f/2.8.

3 thoughts on “11 images in 50 min, Part 5.

  1. Gordon says:

    Question from a 65 year old beginner. I’m following your 11 in 50 mins very studiously as I become familiar with my M9-P and 90mm f2. I have a question. Shot 5 and shot 4 are captured with a one stop difference in aperture. However they are vastly different in terms of depth of field. I am imagining that the reason for this is that you have used two different focusing techniques. One is by setting the hyperfocal distance (delivery vehicle), and the other (man in street) is by focusing directly on the subject. Am I close? Do you regularly use both techniques in the street? For you is it about the need for speed versus time to compose? Thanks for providing an honest, interesting and regular blog.

    • Prosophos says:

      Greetings Gordon,

      A few points:

      The closer the subject, the more “thrown off” the background, for any given aperture.

      However, I haven’t used a different focusing technique for each shot; for each I’ve focused “on the fly” (unless I’m shorting with wide lenses at f/4 or narrower, I rarely rely on hyper focal distance focusing for wide aperture shooting with “normal” or short tele lenses because the depth of filed is too thin to reliably get the subject in focus).

      Shot 5 was also cropped on the right and bottom – eliminating some of the near elements – to improve the composition, making it appear as if more of the frame is in focus… In short, the retained portion gives the illusion that a stopped down aperture was employed.


      • Gordon says:

        Thanks Peter.
        On reflection I realised that my assumption made no real sense. As you pointed out, hyperfocal distance would be rather impractical with a 90mm lens. My mind was stuck on the practical use of my 24mm . I need to work on my technique.
        Best wishes from the UK.

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