7 thoughts on “Air swimming.

  1. Gee Peter, the light in this is very different from the first one! Nice image and although this one is obviously a nicer shot of your daughter I think I prefer the first one. It was a very different type of image and had that unique appeal to it. I’m sure others might disagree.

    1. No offense taken Andrew. This and the first were taken moments apart and the clouds above were creating dramatic shifts in the light. And the winds below were wreaking havoc. I actually chose to present the first over this one, because of the “different” look to which you refer, but the composition wasn’t as harmonious. This one works on that level, but is more conventional as a shot… still, it’s not completely conventional (which is why it also appeals to me).


  2. Great shot, as most of your images are.
    It surprises me that you like the 28f2.8 so much. Might I ask why?

      1. Great question. The 28 is a fine lens, but neither fast nor particularly extraordinary in its perspective or performance. As 28’s go, it does a great job – nice straight lines, good color…blah, blah. There are at least a half-dozen 28s that perform at least as well. However,at f2.8 its not particularly fast and doesn’t offer very shallow DOF or spectacular low light abilities. Compared to the 24f1.4 and despite its size / weight – it really is a remarkable lens.

        So I’ll start. I have a 28 elmarit and enjoy it but my reasons are fairly pedestrian. 1) First and most important, its the widest lens I can use via the the RF without a separate finder.
        2) It performs well and a 28 doesn’t impose much perspective distortion. Its still a vary natural looking image.
        3) Not insignificantly – Its cheap (for a leica) / small / light and easy to travel with.
        In short – it meets all of my needs.
        I’ve toyed with the idea of a 28f2 for a long time but can’t seem to justify 2x the price for 1 stop – at least not with the convenience digital ISO.

        Anyway, given your other glass (the Noct, Lux, etc) I’m curious why you like the 28.

        1. That’s a great answer Louis… I wasn’t counting on (or expecting) such a detailed response. Thank you!

          To finally answer your question, I chose the 28/2.8 ASPH for the reasons (1, 2, and 3) you mention above and also because:

          4. It is very resistant to flare, even when shooting against the sun.
          5. In addition to not exhibiting much perspective distortion, it also pretty much lacks *any* kind of distortion.
          6. I used it in the past and liked my photographic output with it.
          7. It’s my least used focal length, so I really didn’t want to opt for the extra expense of the 28/2 (although I will say that the ‘cron “paints” in a more artistic way – it’s smooth AND sharp… simply lovely).
          8. I previously owned the more expensive 28/2 and my particular copy exhibited the dreaded “red edge” phenomenon in the corners of the frame.

          The 28/2.8 also allows me to almost go into a “point-and-shoot” mode with the M9/MM. The other lenses (50 Summilux, 90 Summicron) require more effort to use wide open and sometimes I just want to relax. I’d rather stick the 28/2.8 onto my camera rather than buying a smaller camera.

          Hope that answers your question,


          1. Hi Peter.

            As you know I love the 28mm focal lenght. If I may… all you guys have said I agree, mainly these two:
            “It performs well and a 28 doesn’t impose much perspective distortion. Its still a vary natural looking image” and
            “the ‘cron “paints” in a more artistic way – it’s smooth AND sharp… simply lovely”.

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