9 thoughts on “Analogue.

  1. very analog!
    Wauw Peter! This camera is growing on you!! Love the lines in this picture. I love the joy in her eyes even more! A true little moment.

    Regards, Jeffrey

  2. I’m really glad I don’t have any more money or for that matter any further justification that would convince my wife I need a Monochrom (8>) I’m just happy I received a UPS tracking number from Leica that my M-E should be back tomorrow!

    1. Hey Duane,

      Congratulations! I’m glad you’re finally getting back your (repaired) M-E. It didn’t take that long, did it? Although I’m sure it seemed like an eternity for you.

      As for the Monochrom – believe it or not – I’m still not convinced, but I’m slowly getting there. There’s no doubt it’s an incredible camera… I’m just not certain yet that it’s adding much to my output. We’ll see….


          1. Not a surprise as far as my eye goes. Apart from some of those beautiful low light images I have felt the tones in your B&W images are very similar to the M9. Keeping in mind I don’t own either camera, so just what I see from here. No doubt those MM files have greater flexibility but when staying true to YOUR output the change is does not seem evident to me in a major way. I think if you wanted to you could change your B&W result more easily with the MM…..but that’s just if you wanted to :-)!

            The biggest change in IMO, in recent weeks has been the 28mm and 90mm additions.

            1. I think you’re correct on all counts Andrew.

              However, I can definitely see an extra “crispness” in the Monochrom files that goes one step further than the M9 output. And I haven’t yet begun tapping into the malleability of the files, but I’ve tried to restrain myself because I am disheartened by all the pseudo-HDR B&W digital photography I see online.

              The nice thing about the Monochrom is that the less you deviate from what comes out of the camera, the more (traditionally) “authentic” the images look. And the high ISO is definitely useful in select cases, so… I’m sticking with it. And fine-tuning.


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