8 thoughts on “Breakfast.

  1. Ahh….back to far more important topics such as tone, colour, composition and of course the subject matter. Very nice.

    I feel like I’m about to have breakfast seeing this photo. Even though it is 9.30pm where I am.

  2. Absolutely EXQUISITE. Your use of light and color make, for me the camera and lens used irrelevant. I think you would be an artist with any camera, but even though I am not a Leica shooter, I can see a look that is hard to define, but is different from the typical DSLR look.

    1. Thank you Cory. It’s all about the light, for me.

      The “Leica look” (specifically whether it exists) is often hotly debated, but I’ll summarize my view by stating: I used to be a DSLR shooter…:)

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