23 thoughts on “To all the naysayers…

  1. Hi Peter: I lost track of how these threads were treading, so with that in mind, I’d say eating crow is a bit extreme 🙂 I had the opportunity to get into a MF system instead of moving to the Leica M for a growing majority of my commercial work. As satisfied as I am in making that decision, I will say without a doubt, there are clients that will not work with a commercial shooter, unless he/she uses a MF system. In certain creative circles, size seems to be everything.

    1. Hey Chris, I have no doubt about it.

      The image quality I was getting from the Pentax 645D was outstanding, so I don’t want my decision to be misconstrued as a criticism of digital medium format cameras or of this particular system (in fact, I hesitated in posting this update for fear of giving that impression).

      It’s just obvious to me that rangefinders, for the photography I do, suit me better. It’s strictly a personal decision.

      The eating crow part was referring to the fact that I had been warned ahead of time and I chose to ignore those warnings…

      Thanks for your input.


  2. Hi Peter

    I’m surprised with this post as you’d kept with the pentax for just a few weeks (or days?), but I’m sure it was properly tested — and if it doesn’t fit your needs, it doesn’t.

    By other hand I’m not suprised as it’s a different system than a 35mm format: the mf has some difficult (or hard to get) requirements like lots of light, just to mention one of them.

    Either way I’m looking forward to see your next move. May I guess it will be an MM — a real beast to capture life’s little moments…

    1. Hello Luiz,

      I wasn’t inspired to pick up the new equipment and photograph, and that pretty much sealed its fate (and mine). I’m quite embarrassed about the whole thing. And humbled.

      I have no plans to pick up an MM… it’ll be the M9 and film for a while…

  3. Yes, it was a freeing day when I realised that I like 35mm rf’s and that they suited what I want to do. A sort of symbiosis, or just the right tool for the job at hand – whatever, time to stop chasing:)

  4. Peter,

    So when did you suggest or hint that you might be interested in moving to some other camera system? I saw a few photos made with the 645D but caught no suggestion that you were considering moving away from Leica M.

    Or did the new Leica M sensor put that much of a fear into you? 😉


    1. Greetings Godfrey,

      You’re correct, I wasn’t foolish enough to abandon the M system, knowing how much I enjoy shooting with rangefinders. I did, however, want to try to “expand my horizons” by trying DMF.

      The new Leica sensor, lol… no, I’m not scared, but I’m still not convinced :).

  5. Well can’t say I am surprised…however a little disappointed (purely for selfish reasons!). Was very curious about what direction this might lead you in Peter.

    But the thing is you’ve tried it and committed yourself to the truth……that being staying true to what brings you everyday enjoyment in photography!

    The two reasons I say I’m not surprised is because you are what you create…and the MF camera makes it a bit harder to continue this and secondly (for web only, not prints as can not comment) the 645D seemed to render very similar to the 35mm M9…so the question then becomes “what am I really going to do with this camera?”

    Looking forward to 2013 regardless!

    1. Hi Andrew,

      The 645D rendered remarkably similar to the M9, with a perceptible bump in tonality and detail. Suffice it to say, the image quality was outstanding. But (and this is a big “but”), I wasn’t inspired to use it. I had no inclination to be spontaneous with it. Considering I strive to photograph “Life’s Little Moments”, this was presenting a real problem for me that could not be overlooked.

  6. Hi Peter,
    That was, of course, the wrong medium format camera.
    Try the Leica S2. Smaller than Canikon’s pro bodies with medium format and Leica goodness. Then again, so much to like about the Ms and who needs all those pixels.
    I really enjoy your blog/website, which I discovered only recently. Thank you.

    1. Hi Peter,

      I think if you were more of a landscape / commercial photographer you would have enjoyed the camera more. But for street / candid the 645D is definitely not the right camera.

      It must have been shocking to you coming from a quiet shutter of the M9, to the mirror slap of the 645D.

      As for Stephen’s note to try out the Leica S2 I would say it’s not really worth it. The sensor in the Pentax 645D is identical to the S2, as it’s the same distributor just different software. So image rendering is pretty much the same minus the Leica glass.

      It was good to see your thoughts.


      1. Hi Dominic,

        I agree about the 645D being more suited to landscape/commercial photographers. The shutter sound was kind of nice, actually. It was the size, weight, and lengthy SD card writing time that made it cumbersome to use for my purposes. Also, I’m so used to the rangefinder window and focus patch that I find through-the-lens viewing difficult to work with these days. It’s funny, I was primarily a Nikon DSLRs shooter only 5 years ago, and now I couldn’t imagine my photographic life without a rangefinder.

        In all fairness to Stephan and his comments about the S2, the S2 operates a little more quickly than the 645D, and then of course there’s that Leica glass…

        Thanks for your comments Dominic,


    2. Hello Stephan,

      Welcome to the site!

      When I was guest lecturer at the Leica Akademie Workshop in Toronto last year, Leica had an S2 on hand for participants to handle, and it was truly impressive. Believe it or not though, at that time I was not tempted at all by it. I guess I knew how strong my affinity for rangefinders was … something I momentarily forgot recently.

      Thanks for the nice comments,


  7. Hey hey hey…we weren’t naysayers. We were just taken-abackers!

    No need for crow…you had your fun and dabbled, and now you can come back home.


    So where is the 645 headed anyway? And dare I ask if you miss the Noct yet? (sorry, too soon?)

    Anyway, if nothing else, you have given all of us a few surprises this year.

    All the best,

    1. Mark, my good friend from the West, I’ve radically overhauled my gear every year, for many years, so this latest move was not that unusual for me (the unusual part is that now I have a website where I share my experiences, good and bad).

      The 645 is in the hands of another photographer, and believe it or not, I don’t miss the Noctilux. It’s a stellar lens, no doubt, but I don’t regret selling it.

      As for surprises, well, life would be dull without them :).


  8. Hi Peter, that’s was a quick decision to sell your new toy:-)! To be honest, I was curious to see what you can do with this, but on the other hand, the Leica shines in your hands! And in the end it doens’t matter at all which camera you use, It’s all about the images you craft with it:-)

    Have fun today!

    1. Given the high image quality capabilities of the sensor and lenses, I believe I could have created some nice images with the system, had I kept it. The trouble was, I was not inspired to carry it with me.

      Thanks for your kind words Jeroen.


      1. Totally agree! If the tool doesn’t inspire you as expected, you need to solve this matter accordingly:-). Great choice.

        Thank you for taking the time to respond to all our comments!

        1. Dear Jeroen, it is I who is thankful that you and all the other posters here take the time to visit and leave comments. It is quite an honour for me that people care enough to share their thoughts.

  9. Mark has said it perfectly. You sound very content with your decision so, in turn, I won’t feel bad about possibly help to nudge you 🙂

    ….and you know, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

    All the best from Vancouver.

    1. Well Jason, you did warn me, so I give you full credit for that. And you did so politely, which is even better.

      Let me know if you’re ever in my neck of the woods…

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