6 thoughts on “Pentax 150mm f/2.8 – Test shot.

  1. Hi. Just curious. You’ve always been very Leica-centric” with your imagery. Your image style is holding true when comparing what you’ve been doing during your testing with the Pentax. Are you considering supplementing your assignments and personal work with the Pentax ?

    1. Good question Chris.

      The Leica cameras represent a great combination of simplicity, usability, portability, and high image quality. They don’t get in the way when I’m shooting spontaneous moments, so my “Leica-centric” tendency has become entrenched for very practical reasons.

      The jump into the Pentax 645D is my attempt this year to occasionally shoot more deliberately and to try to achieve a higher level of image quality.

      Ultimately, I don’t see myself shooting with the 645D often, because my style is very spontaneous and I would hate to carry this thing everywhere. However, if I was primarily shooting formal portraits or landscapes, I would not hesitate to choose the Pentax, which offers all the goodness of the Kodak CCD sensor in the M9, but on a larger scale.


  2. Hello Peter,
    (First time commenter here). Since you are looking for feedback I’ll add my humble 2 cents: The Pentax has a very nice, rich, pleasing and crisp look that you have processed nicely in your style…but…I don’t feel or see the same ‘soul’ you are getting from your Leica’s (film and digital)(and I don’t mean Leica is better, I mean all the previous shots I’ve seen and liked I know you used a Leica). The Pentax has the ‘too perfect’ hollow digital look compared to most of your people / portrait shots I’ve seen IMHO. IE this camera isn’t giving you any better results than you already had in the people / portrait category except the distraction of learning it (and trying to carry it).

    1. Hey Jason,

      Glad to have you comment here… and with your first comment you are certainly not pulling any punches! I really appreciate your honesty, however.

      I can’t say I disagree with you, especially, when reading your last statement.

      However, I’ll mention a few things that make me want to persevere:

      1. The transition period in moving to any new system represents the low-point of productivity for any photographer; I’m in that phase now.
      2. I’ve owned this camera for less than a week, and the few shots I’ve posted represent test shots, or set-ups for the purpose of checking focus accuracy or for generating files to practice post-processing the new files. If they appear “soul-less”, well… they are.
      3. The (lack of) light in these parts this time of year discourages me from shooting anything, including with my M9.
      4. Any worthwhile images that I may produce in the future with the 645D will not be fully appreciated on this site, where the small image posting size obscures tonal gradation and detail advantages (admitted, this has nothing to do with the “soul” or merit of any given photograph, but if one does create a nice image, it’s great to have a robust file for printing/enlarging).
      5. The Pentax will allow me to use longer lenses and to delve into macro.

      Having stated all of that, I’ve learned the hard way, numerous times in the past, that my best and most consistent photographic output has always come when using Leica cameras.

      For that reason, I still have my M9, even though I sacrificed my Noctilux for the new equipment.

      Thanks again for your comments,


  3. Hi Peter

    I can feel some momentum building with this beast! But s you say it won’t be until the light opportunities start presenting themselves.

    With your emphasis on people and candid images I am really looking forward to seeing what deliberate images this will bring out! Can this format (i.e. a piece of equipment) change the way you see things or change what you go looking for and will you find it inspiring?

    Cant wait to see the results 🙂


    1. Hi Andrew,

      Using the 645D in my everyday life will no doubt be a daunting task. My candid style will have to be shelved… or perhaps this belief is only a bias that I need to overcome.

      As always, we shall see…

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