2 thoughts on “G and W (blue, blue).

  1. Mon Cher Peter,

    I find the expression on your son particularly suited to this photo …. And therefore the mood of the day, I guess.
    The choice of the focal length used here is appropriate because it allows us to enter into the intimate world of your son!
    Despite this beautiful light outside, and the cold that goes with it, I perceives the envy of your son want to be outside!
    A melancholy picture, treated with great gentleness …
    I am delighted to see you popular your new camera, and that you make very good use!

    I know that you are preparing us some nice surprises with this 645AFD …

    Hoping that you are happy with the results obtained with this Middle-format (I speak for the high isos) … I understand that up to 800 isos, it was pretty good …

    In any case, I hope you make the most with your family.

    Your friend.


    1. Thank you dear Hugues, for your insightful and always sensitive comments :).

      The 645D files behave very much like the M9 files. This is to be expected because they share a common (Kodak) CCD sensor lineage, but I’m surprised to what extent working with the 645D files is like working with a (larger) M9 file.

      I’ll be traveling soon and will try to bring this beast of a camera along with me; hopefully, I’ll be able to generate some “surprises”, but I always defer that to fate.


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