4 thoughts on “Anointing.

  1. Peter,

    I like this a lot…and it tells a very intriguing tale. It is a woman doing the anointing instead of a (typically…) male priest. I find myself drawn into the story.

    Well seen and captured!

    Hope you are well,

    1. Thanks Mark! I’ve been in a creative funk as of late (probably because it’s wintertime and there’s very little light), so I appreciate your nice comment.

      By the way, this image is not depicting “anointing” in the way one normally understands it. This is anointing by face painting! Also, as the photographer I’m trying to convey the notion of anointing by painting with (very weak) light.


      PS. I STILL haven’t sampled the “care” package you sent to me… but I’ll let you know when I do!

      1. Hey Peter,

        I kinda figured it was face painting, but the B&W, dark tones, sombre expressions, and bowed head definitely make it feel like something much more spiritual–Great artistic choices!

        Anyway, no worries about the package…enjoy at will! We’ve got a bit of a nasty bug ripping through our house at present, so we’re down for the count as well.

        All the best,

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