10 thoughts on “True Portrait.

    1. Thank you dear Raaj. Yes, she is growing up quickly, and I suspect you are more than familiar with this phenomenon, with your two.

      So nice of you to leave a comment here – thank you once again.

  1. Cher Peter,

    your daughter is just too cute … You can be proud!

    As mentioned Raaj, this is madness, this change …

    I am only uncle and my nephew is now 10 years old … The age that must be your daughter I think … This type of physical that was between early childhood and early adolescence …

    A superb portrait of a beautiful “girl” ….

    All my best.


    1. Thank you, mon ami, dear Hugues!

      Tomorrow, we celebrate yet another birthday (of one of our other little ones, H, not C who is pictured here) so, yes, time marches on!

      I recall your nephew from one of your famous series of images… perhaps you should revisit him for some more beautiful portraits, non?



  2. Very nice. The light (as always) is present and in the right proportion. Sorry for the lack of my technical description here!

    However it is the look of confidence which is the key. “Dad….I have it all under control.” My middle daughter (6, 9 @ 11) is the one with this same self assured presence.

    Its almost a look which is The Coming of Age.

    1. Thanks for your comments Andrew.

      In actuality, it’s difficult for her to be the centre of attention, and hence to pose, but I was quite proud of her attempt here.

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