Leica Noctilux F/0.95.

Inspiration, Leica 50mm Noctilux f/0.95, Teaching point

Ever since I acquired this lens, I’ve been carrying it around trying to look for reasons to get rid of it.


Well, the negatives are well known:  cost, size, weight, and the 1 m minimum focus distance.

So, what am I going to do?

…I’m keeping it.

I’ve bonded with it and I’ve been pleased with the images I’ve created with it.

Maybe I’ll come to my senses some day.  Hopefully soon.

—Peter | Prosophos.

Prosophos - Leica Noctilux F0.95

19 thoughts on “Leica Noctilux F/0.95.

  1. Peter,

    You are making a good choice. I was fortunate to buy one earlier this year and have also debated getting rid of it multiple times. I then start looking at the pictures and realize how many great memories in such a short amount of time that it has brought me. Just remember it is a truly “timeless” and will never go out of date.

    P.S. You mastered this lens quickly and hopefully one day I can create memories of your quality. I’ve seriously considered traveling to Toronto to meet you and learn from the best. Maybe in the next year I can accomplish this.


  2. Brain and Peter

    Both of you know how to use this lens, which is great for me….I get to see the results!

    At .95….that’s a lot of practise…..beyond my capability and time to practise!!!!

    As for keeping it Peter, enjoy it….when photography and the subject matter (for you) around family is central to your life….it’s invaluable!



    1. +1!

      Great choice Peter to keep this master piece:-)! I am looking forward to the beautiful images which you are going to shoot with this lens!!

      Cheers, Jeroen

    2. Thanks Andrew.. It’s really not that bad.. You just have to learn it’s limits.. I don’t get too close at 0.95 unless you really have time to sit and focus. All depends on the situation.

  3. Très Cher Peter,

    watching your latest images with Nocti doing, I say that your choice to keep the “beast” is more than understandable …
    Grievances concerning the weight and the minimum distance of focus, opens another way of photographing … I think
    More attention in every sense of the word …
    I think this Nocti possesses a beautiful signature with lots of shade and colors suited for portrait …
    About me, I’m waiting to see what will be the next target liveview and M … I want to use my tripod Nocti and 0.95, without always asking me if the development is successful …
    Work on a portrait posed and offset with the assurance that the eyes are clear ….

    I think I can live with 2 lenses: 35 Lux on MM, and 50 on the future Nocti M. .. And 21 super elmar trip …

    in any case, I am delighted that you have chosen to keep this gem …. For my pleasure!

    I wish you a great week ….

    Your friend Hugues.

    1. Thank you dear Hugues,

      I suspect the live view feature in the new M will be useful in some situations (perhaps studio, landscape, etc), but I am not certain it will be of much use to your street (quick) style of shooting.

      Thanks for your encouragement.

  4. Prices aside, the noctilux render is unique in my opinion. A render that matches beautifully in your style, Peter. Both deserve each other. 🙂

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