4 thoughts on “The chase 1 and 2.

  1. My Dear Peter,

    As always, your compositions and framing, your angle of view and perspective deserves respect! I really like these 2 images and what they represent … Beautiful black and white and a superb parallel between these 2 photos … The action of these two dogs, then imitated by your little cherubs … Really nice!
    It is always with great pleasure that I discover your new little moment of life … I also find it incredible physical change of your children … This is where I say it’s been a lease we “know” ….
    Have a nice week …Mon ami Peter !


    1. It’s always a pleasure, dear Hugues, to read a comment from you. You see the images with your ever perceptive eyes and then you are able to distill their essence into bits of poetry. Thank you.

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