Swing! (again).

My previous Swing! posts can be found here and here.

(please click on the image to view at maximum size and sharpness)

↑Leica M9 and Leica Noctilux @ f/0.95.

12 thoughts on “Swing! (again).

  1. Kevin Ng says:

    Great pic Peter – quick question: how many shots did you take to hit the focus? Can’t be easy to get it right?

  2. agplatt says:

    Wow, when I first saw it on my phone I thought it was a repost of that classic shot you took with the Nikkor Noct (the second image from the second image).

    Now on my home monitor I see that it is a new, more reserved and more delicate image. It really is amazingly sharp.

  3. hughf says:

    Très Cher Peter,

    Simply wonderfull !!! your daughter and her facial expression…The way You have framed and composed this picture… I LOVE !!!


  4. Alex says:

    This is so precious Peter! Big fan!

  5. […] follows yesterday’s post and was photographed at the same […]

  6. Bishop says:

    A great memory captured…

  7. Luiz Paulo says:


    What you did?

    I have been out of internet and this image is delight to my eyes! Perfect composition!

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