22 thoughts on “Cheeky.

  1. We stared at each other. Interesting how the lad seems to be the centre of a swirling green vortex. I think the green shirt helps. Great texture in the hair.

    1. That “swirl” is often (erroneously) considered an exclusive feature of the f/1 version of the Noctilux, but it can be coaxed out of this f/0.95, if the conditions are right.

      Another lens that renders this way is the Nikkor (Nikon) Noct 58/1.2.

    1. Thanks Donald. It’s not an “artistic” shot, but it does demonstrate the sharpness of the .95 wide open and at minimum distance (the f/1 version is noticeably softer under these two circumstances — but some may appreciate that of course).

  2. Beautiful portrait with lots of life! Congratulations on the Noct, Peter…If anyone deserves to shoot with one, it is you!

    All the best,

  3. Absolutely beautiful shot!

    By the way, I really appreciate your comments. I go to your blog daily (sometimes twice) and enjoy your beautiful pics and thoughtful words. You are a true artist and an inspiration to all of us!

  4. My Dear peter,

    First of all, congratulations on your new lense … I think there is no better photographer than you to tame the beast …
    (I’m just a little surprised, because I remember that you were not a fan of the subject, because you seemed a bit heavy, but especially the minimum distance of focus of 1 meter was a big disability) On this point, I really agree with you … I also have this “treasure” … And I use it a few times …
    Including photos that I do on the American cemetery in Normandy on colleville … And of course also for some portraits. But now, I hope from my heart that the new M with its ability to shoot in live view, will be the beauty of the sensor of the M9 …
    I think rendering Noct really amazing, but I’m not satisfied with the success rate of my images … This is why I hope that the new M will be up … I will soon test the Monochrom with Noct by night …
    Otherwise, your picture is once again full of magic … And I love the expression in the eyes of your Son …
    I send you lots of beautiful things … And wish you all a wonderful family weekend!

    Your friend.


    PS: Hello to our friend Mark.

    1. Dear Hugues,

      Thank you very much. Yes, I really do dislike the 1m minimum focusing distance, and yes I really do dislike the size. I’ve previously used this lens and then sold it for those reasons, but the opportunity came up again to try this one. I haven’t decided if I’m keeping it… if you recall, there was another lens I recently re-acquired, but I haven’t posted any images with that one yet, so I’ll be busy testing and shooting over the next few weeks before making a decision.

  5. What a wonderful shot, and the “green vortex” works superbly with the shirt colour, I was going to ask if this was by design but I know better….:-)

    I for one will be interested to see how you go with the Noct, I’ve never really shaken my desire to own this lens, although technically I have one on order still I passed it up the last time it was offered to me.

    There are potentially several “gear battles” on the horizon if you get my drift, the Monochrom is still of interest to me, the M certainly could be if the images are up to scratch. Not forgetting the 21mm VC f/1.8 that I’ve taken a flyer on and pre-ordered……..you know your in trouble when you don’t count purchases under $2k in your gear expenditure!!

    All the best, Jason

    1. Thanks Jason. The “gear battles” of which you speak are more like “mind battles” within our own heads. I’m constantly waging that war… but I’m getting better.

  6. Hi Prosophos,

    So great picture. This picture and your father’s picture are the ones I am impressed by the 0.95 so far from website.

    I am so struggle to buy choose between .95 and the 1.0 because I really like the signature swirl bokeh (and I could only afford one)…From your experience, under what condition swirl will appear? Hope you can give some indication. Thanks.

    1. Thank you Sam.

      The swirly bokeh will often appear when there is foliage, or light sources, in the background. Essentially, in any situation where there are repetitive (and especially bright) elements.


      1. Thanks Peter,

        After seeing your festive-table-setting, I think the magic is still there. It’s just so few great pictures around.

        If you can only have one(Ver 4 and the .95), what will be your call? A subjective-view would be prefect. Thanks!

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