10 thoughts on “Mr. A, Part 4 of 4.

  1. Beautiful portrait serie! Each image has his own strength. Maybe I have a little preference for the last picture due the light fall and the contract of BW.

    One thing I noticed in each picture is the frown of Mr. A his face and that he is looking up (to the sky?). Is there a special reason behind this? Just curious:-).

    Thanks, Jeroen

  2. Who is this mysterious “Mr. A.” (a pseudonym, I am sure…) and WHY does he get a glamorous photoshoot from none other than Prosophos??

    Heh heh…I like them all, but for me, #1 was best…the colors are killer!

    Super work Peter. That 75 sings in your hands!

    All the best,

  3. Lovely series, what a combo!! The extremely photogenic Mr. A, the superb 75mm Summicron f/2 and ever so talented Mr. P!!!

    Really well done.

    Cheers, Jason.

  4. I chose not to look at this image (and the third in the series) when they first arrived in my mail, but I am glad now that came across the series again.

    I found the first two in the series oddly disturbing. Hard to explain, but I got a feeling which I can only describe as “lack of trust” when I viewed them. I didn’t want to post any negative comments but I was also thinking of the images and they didn’t make me feel good.

    Seeing this image I don’t get that the same feeling, which is nice as now I feel like I have said my bit and can move on.

    No need to post this if you don’t feel like it.


    1. Interesting, Guy (and I don’t mind you voicing this at all). I was trying out the 75 ‘cron with this series and, or some reason, I didn’t take to the lens. Not sure if what you were picking up was a sort of awkwardness or something, indeed, deeper. Glad you liked this last image though.

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