Photokina: New cameras coming! (try to ignore them)

Inspiration, Teaching point

Photokina is:

“…the world’s largest trade fair for the photographic and imaging industries.” 


…and all the photographic fora are abuzz with rumours and speculation about what new cameras and lenses are about to be unveiled.

Why “try to ignore them”?

If you’re visiting this site you probably already own a camera, so your time would be better spent learning how to use it properly!

Constantly “upgrading” equipment is not only costly, it’s counter-productive:  you never hold on to it long enough to get any good at using it.  Moreover, when you’re first getting acquainted with a new camera the quality of your photographic output is at an all-time low because you’re too busy trying to figure out all the operational nuances (all those buttons, menus, quirky behaviours, etc.) to actually concentrate on the basics like composition and lighting.

How do I know?

I’ve made the same mistake — over and over again. 😉

My advice?

Buy the best camera equipment you can afford (see my previous article here) because — all other things being equal — a good image will always look better when created with high-quality equipment vs. cheap equipment.  Then, practice, practice, practice (there are no shortcuts!) and make that camera an extension of your brain… the photos will follow.

On the off-chance you don’t “bond” with your gear (and this sometimes happens when the camera isn’t the right size or shape, etc.) you’ll probably be able to sell it and get most of your money back… good equipment is always in demand.

Did I mention, practice, practice, practice?

[Disclaimer: This is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but mostly true.]


6 thoughts on “Photokina: New cameras coming! (try to ignore them)

  1. Great post Peter!! It is so true that practice, practice, practice is THE ingredient to master your photography skill. For example, are you familiar with the DRtv guys and there videos of ‘pro photographer, el cheapo cameras’? Amazing and inspiring to see the quality which can be produced by this kind of equipment.

    I also like your advice to go for the best camera equipment you can afford because that stills the hunger for GAS (at least for awhile:-)) and it increases your pleasure in daily use.


    1. Thanks Jeroen,

      I’m not familiar with the videos – thanks for the reference. And of course I’m as interested in new gear as anyone else, so this post is directed at me as much as anybody else.

  2. Hello! I totally agree. That being said, bonding w/your equipment is vital to good shooting, IMHO. I’m getting ready to sell my Olympus E-P3: would you or any responders kindly direct me, via links if possible, to sites where I might get the best return? That would be great. The body was purchased in Nov. 2011. Lightly used. Thanks, Jeff

  3. I hear ya, Peter, good post.

    I’ve bought a lot of gear this past year and some. It’s all good stuff, I’m happy with it even if it is more than I need. It’s as good as there is too. I’m concentrating on using it. 🙂

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