“The M3… for kids’ sports?” featured on Steve Huff’s site.

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Eight of my film images have been featured on SteveHuffPhoto.com as part of the Daily Inspiration:

The M3… for kids’ sports?

The text and images have been reproduced below.

A big THANK YOU to Steve for once again posting my work on his site!




Hi Steve,

Last year, I wrote a short article for your site called:  The Leica M9… for sports?

This year, I’m still photographing my kids’ sports activities with an M9, but two weeks ago I decided to take my M3 instead.  

I did it for a couple of reasons:  Firstly, I just like the look of film.  Secondly, I thought it would be fun.

Well, 3 rolls of Tri-X 400 later, I ended up with some keepers.  Actually, I ended up with a whole bunch of keepers, and I’m sharing a few here.

Incidentally, if any of your readers are interested in learning about how I process my B&W film, they can read about it here.


Peter | Prosophos


Please click on any of the images below and a slideshow will begin.

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