13 thoughts on “Untitled.

  1. Très Cher Peter,

    Your Portrait of this Beautifull Woman is just outstanding…
    Oh my God ! This Glance…So Deep and expressive .
    My Best to You and Yours .


  2. To be quite honest with you Peter, I don’t like this one. It is a very good photograph, but “I have been there too often” to find this anything but disturbing.



  3. Hi Peter, I have been following you on this website for quite some time. It’s great. Keep on the good work.

    As for the shot it is absolutely fabulous. The composition, the exposure/lighting, the glance, everything combines for a perfect shot. I suppose it is the same lady as your other master shot of the old lady’s hands crossed over her head (?).

    Peter, I noticed on the top of the photo some horizontal scratches. On the GLOW photo of your kid I also noticed some at the right bottom. I also shoot film (camera MP) and have also noticed after scanning my negatives that scratches (most of the time horizontal) appear on the pictures. I don’t know if it is the camera itself that makes this scratches on the film when I advance the film (or when i rewind) or whether it is during development (I use an external lab, i don’t do development myself). What do you think is the most plausible cause of these scratches?

    1. Thanks Jo, that’s very kind of you.

      The horizontal lines are definitely scratches. They’re probably arising from within the M2, because I develop my own negatives and I DON’T wipe them dry in the final stage (to avoid scratches :)). If anybody has other ideas as to how they are being created, I’d be interested in hearing them.

      I used to try to post-process the scratches out, but now I accept them as part of the film “experience”…

      1. Thanks Peter.
        It would be annoying if it were true that the scratches are arising from within the camera. I will try with my Yashica T5D (a motor-driven camera) for a while, using the same lab and see whether there are still scratches.

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