The Protest.

(please click on both images to view)

↑Both images with the Leica M9 and Leica 35mm Summilux FLE @ f/1.4.

5 thoughts on “The Protest.

  1. camerajunky says:

    What is wrong with the wind turbines by the way? It sounds very interesting to me that there are people out there protesting against wind turbines….

  2. Prosophos says:

    I wondered the same. It seems they, ironically, have environmental concerns and budgetary (taxes) concerns too…

    I pretty much ran into them as they were headed to their protest, so I knew nothing about them until that moment.

    • camerajunky says:

      I knew there are people who used to complain because wind turbines does not fit into the landscape (in their opinion), although budgetary concerns must be more important and less advertised I guess … Anyway the shoots are great!

  3. Guillaume says:


    Few years ago when I was a student I made a project on turbines.

    Most complaints in France were:

    – It obstructs our beautiful scnenary (It’s true that most of people are in a hand impressed by such turbines…and in an other hand find it to detract with our landscapes and ruin its beauty). As a photographer…I tend to agree that there are enough artificials buildings around our landscape…and windmills can be seen miles and miles aways…so…
    – It is known to disturbe wildlife (It is kind of noisy near it (not much but still…) and there are kind of vibrations which could disoriented birds)
    – It’s dangerous if it is located in a migrating birds path as many birds may die (a wind goes around 900km/h at its edge)
    – In France…people who got a turbine on their land get money as a compensation for the use of their land….but will be become the owner of the turbines in 20 years…so who will pay to maintain such turbines once they become owner…and how will they do that?
    – There are french companies in France who can make these turbines but most of them are made by germans…so french people complain for umployment matter.

    These are the key points I remember…but there must be others 🙂

    • Prosophos says:

      Thanks for offering the fruits of your research! I guess, like everything else, there are always trade-offs, especially when there are so many of us sharing this little planet.

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