7 thoughts on “Birth of the cool.

  1. Happy Birthday ” Little Man ” !!!
    Very Rock’n Roll style Dear Peter…I like this Picture of Your Son very Much…
    But may I ask You something ? I know You choose your Lens for each subject and theme,
    when it is possible for You of course…But for this Photograph ( even if i like the effect the 35 mm produce for portraiture ) why this choice of focal ? With this composition and framing, Don’t You think a 50 or Your Legendary 60 Hex don’t make the job here ?
    BTW, it was just an interrogation…And again, love this picture very much .

    My Best wishes for all the Family…


    1. Thanks dear Hugues!

      It’s not his birthday, however. The title is inspired by a Miles Davis album.

      Regarding the 35 FLE, I used it simply because I really like it and, although one needs to be careful of the distortion that may occur with the 35mm focal length when shooting portraits, the results can be more interesting than, say, from a 50mm lens.

      Thanks again for the kind words.


    1. Mine is “Kind of Blue”! It’s the first jazz album I ever listened to back as a teenager, and to this day I’m awed by the magic in that recording.

      Thanks Len for your appreciation of the image!


  2. Great shot. Like Hughes, I probably would have shot this tighter with the 75/1.4 and lost the lovely depth that gives this version it’s “cool” feel.

    BTW, wasn’t Miles’ album Birth of “the” Cool? My daughter and I share an interest in good reproduced sound. She owns the 180 g vinyl of Kind of Blue and I the (remastered) CD. If you’ve never heard “Blue” on vinyl, I highly recommend it. The splash of the cymbals alone is worth the price of admission…

    1. Thanks Greg! Yes, of course, you’re correct… It’s “Birth of the Cool”. I’ll make the change now.

      I’ve NEVER heard “Kind of Blue” on vinyl… damn, you’ve just planted an awful seed in my brain… it probably won’t happen though 😦

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