from Joeri van der Kloet.

In 2017, I was featured in Mr. Joeri van der Kloet website.

“… one of my favorite Leica shooters.  He is well known for his beautiful and loving work of his own family.”

Joeri van der Kloet, Joeri van der

from the Stephen Bartels Gallery.

Stephen Bartels Gallery

In 2013, my work was featured in the Stephen Bartels Gallery in London, England:

“…one of the most talented Leica photographers around… Prosophos has the unique ability to connect with subjects and capture that which defines them…”

Stephen Bartels, Stephen Bartels Gallery.

from Salim Al-Harthy


Salim Al-Harthy Inverview - Prosophos


In 2013, Mr. Al-Harthy kindly interviewed me on his blog here.

“I don’t get inspired easily, and Peter is among the few who inspire me on a daily basis.”

—Salim Al-Harthy.


from The New York Times.

NY Times August 2, 2013 - Prosophos

On August 2, 2013, an article of mine was referenced in the New York Times.

from “Made with Leica”.

Peter | Prosophos - Made with Leica

In 2013, I was featured in the L•Camera Blog series, “Made with Leica”.


from Leica Akademie.

I was guest speaker at the Leica Akademie workshop in Toronto, Canada, 2012.

from Steve Huff.

Steve Huff, founder of the hugely popular photo enthusiast site, has written:

“…some of the most inspirational images I have seen in a while. I have known Peter for years now and his images always go right to my heart and soul as he truly does capture ‘Life’s Little Moments’”.


“…a photographer that I have been a fan of for years. Peter has a charming way of capturing life’s moments that can make you smile, make you think and other times make you cry.”

— Steve Huff,


from Getty Images.

Several of my images are featured on Getty Images, the well-known distributor of premium digital content.

To see the Prosophos images available for license on Getty Images, please click here.

from LFI Master Shots.

Many of my photos have been chosen as Leica Fotografie International (LFI) Master Shots by the editors of LFI.

To view some of my LFI Master Shot images, please see here.

from Parallax.

I was featured in the December 2011 issue of Parallax:

“What first alerted me to Peter | Prosophos’ Website was news of the outstanding reviews he has penned on rangefinder lenses, including an in-depth appraisal of the Voigtlander 40mm f1.4 Nokton. What keeps me revisiting his site is his extraordinary mastery of photography that favours low-key representation over high-octane dramatics.”


Peter | Prosophos is a photographer who likes to refer to the importance of ‘keeping it real’. His photographs do that, and so much more! This is reality served up in a stream of Decisive Moments. Image after image is imbued with warmth and humanity, revealing stolen moments of familiarity and comfort. Through portraiture or candid grabs, Peter shows an uncanny ability to give the viewer insight into the soul of a person. His is a world where personality trumps location, strangers become old friends, and intimate family moments take on universal meaning.”

— Jean Bardaji, Parallax.


from Calvin Palmer.

Calvin Palmer, a Jacksonville-based fine art photographer (Calvin Palmer Photography) and editor of Tea with Calvin, posted this comment on his blog on December 30, 2011:

“…Peter aka Prosophos is a talented photographer. His people shots are something quite special. He has the knack of capturing the perfect expression in his subjects.”

— Calvin Palmer, Tea with Calvin.