Prosophos Lightroom Presets

My 3 Lightroom presets strike a nice balance between punching up the contrast and colour, enhancing skin tones, and preserving detail.  The overall effect is subtle.

Most of the commercial presets I’ve tried result in cartoonish effects (specifically, with respect to colour shifts and detail loss) and are painted over with digital “grain”, so I’ve avoided using them.

Here is an example of my presets in action:

(click for a larger view)


My 3 presets are available for purchase but with the understanding that:

  • There will be no technical support (you assume the burden of installing/using these!).  I will, however, say this much about their intended use:
    1. the “Film Base” preset is meant for photos that are exposed properly or slightly over-exposed;
    2. the “Film Soft Portrait” preset is meant for photos that are slightly underexposed or, as its name suggests, for portraits
    3. the “Skin Tones” preset reduces red/orange contamination in skin tones.
  • The presets are not meant to yield “finished” images.  For some photos (like the example above) they may be sufficient, but for many they will only serve as a good starting point.  Essentially, these presets contain the settings I use when I begin post-processing my files.  They are not meant to emulate a specific film; I am not interested in re-inventing a look that was perfected by Kodak, Fuji, etc.  If you want the look of film, I suggest you photograph with it!  The only reason the word “film” appears in the names is because of how I’ve set the tone curve to handle light and shadows (the way most films do).

If you agree to the above, my three presets may be purchased for:

US $15

(total price for all 3)

Are they are worth $15?   I’ll leave it up to you to decide.  They help me save time and effort, so they are certainly valuable to me.

If you are still interested in proceeding:

Click here or on the graphic below to purchase via PayPal.

Once payment is received, the files will be sent to you via email and you will need to import them into your copy of Lightroom.

Please note that it may take up to 24-48 hours for me to email you the presets.